Thursday, August 25, 2011

Forever In My Mind

A curse through a dream
from the lips of yesterday.
To enjoy the humiliation of it
or laugh it off
and simply act like I do.
"Your world is forever in your mind,”
to rewind and replay
like a little torture device
permanently connected at the hip
to rewind and replay
the anguish of the day.
You weren't my first and you weren't my last
but will be a person
forever in my past.
Like prepping a wall
you laid your primer,
a white wash,
subduing my pretenses,
my preconceived notions
covering over
all of my oceans.
A white wash to cover the mess
splattered there from year to year.
Like a great salt plain
you alter my perception.
To trust my eyes
to know how far it was
from here to there
was more than I could bear.
A year or two of stumbles and falls
three or four
why is there so much more?
Trapping me in my box
because my world will forever be in my mind.

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