Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My face broke open
Spilling out its water
Like a toddler experiencing the terrible two’s
Grief stricken torrential lament
Exasperated I gasp
My sinus draining
My eyes should have wizened
With dehydration
What makes that piercing wail?
Screech in torment
I gasp and wait
My ears ringing at my own cries.

** Written a few years ago when I’d had just one too many loved ones die and life was just a bit too overwhelming and so instead of loosing it all together I wrote about.

Alone with Chardonnay

Tangy liquid on my lips
Sweet crazy tang
Sour on my tongue
Sour in my soul
Leaving me twitching with it’s bright taste
Languid lover ready
For another taste
Readying my mind for a more intimate moment
Burying my passionate tongue
Deep in midnights twisted corridor
Biting my skin with this crippling passion
Writing my love for a moment in time
Testimony of a wrenched heart
A heart of moments, softness
Of an eye resting on my shoulder
Tier, tier, tier
Escalating love to a teardrop
A moment poised for evaporation
Lapsing into a moment of forever never
Tear, tear, tear
Emoting through a moment of…

**another poem I wrote years ago that I found in the same box as the others written on a scrap of paper that I also thought I'd share.

Street Lamp

Seeing light stretched out
Through my eyes
The tears bending the light of
A street lamp
Rippling light six ripples long
I count them to bring reason back
To the flood.
Chevrons in reverse
Pointing skyward.
Light bent by my tears.
Please miss me sometimes
Liquid chevrons wriggling to
Get back to it’s source
Efforts to swim back up stream
Fighting against the current
To regain their fixed and functional point
To only light the street.

**written a few years ago, I ran across this poem written on a scrap of paper and I thought I’d share it. Obviously it’s about regret and loss of someone that, even though you might not be in their life anymore, you just hope that they miss you from time to time.