Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Moment

Hands so close to the complacent
Hands so close to my heart
You reach for the indifferent
You reach for my life
With every touch I yearn
You hear me nothing
You hear me none
You’ve touched me in pinched strain
You’ve taken everything
I beg for nothing more than you
Nothing more than real
I can’t hear what you don’t allow me to feel
Irreverent quiet
Silence growing in my soul
Nothing more than you
Nothing more than me
How can we be
When everything between you and me
Has forever between?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Worthy of Blood

Deserving of the swoosh of blood
Through all veins
Prerequisite for life inching pulse and
Life’s rigorous grovel, pleas and beg
For what you’ve decided is yours.
Tripping the light fantastic
with 10,000 watt poses
under a 9 volt desire.
Flagrant flaw misused disgust
queer query queerest flop
Maggot twits poised for grandiose pose
a righteous “its mine dammit” snatch
for possession while falling from grace.
“Well at least I made it faggot
at least I’m here.”
Setting confidence one ton
On the point of a needle
Pinking inkling indifference
Defer emotion maggot
You wretched filthy damned
Grotesque skull splitting fortress
Base to pinnacle, oxygen deprived precipice.
Writhing, gagging and pleased at the distraction.
Maniacal monkey proclamation,
“What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too.”
Heaving breathless where in desperate thought
does doing create result.
Miraculous bounty pontification poisons my said
My foundation with canker and grime.

Non Language Poem

Criprentialist mensmotichicprotentic
hebrestnic postrilial presliniskan
vetric prugrantristiliac crotiatic
crant foos trimtindum trin
cshevencriliad bvrishlacress
nephrotiprotaliask ent grafrasizle
fzblader tradnuntraltz haclatrinda
fleenress rumanatic naysans fintrindialiciotic
Iycriditi prestenton duplanaturandur
bo dofuntaglatzrepluresken irdenisval
dorashiafisku raturati plumnetiatianian
Openopinemunoflurdename forquatlatreenasetra
Obefrulatu comu bo lishnatrix ofdrulatipis
Vchustretle sumatbrunili
Arertriletralflolafrela tru matciliap
Otramanira otramaniva
Sicvactra opletrit ornatralatual
Formyvolcana nerefletricidalinictriz

Sorry is you read through that and wonder what it means. It means nothing. I intended for this to be read aloud. It's not about what it means but how it sounds.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Mr. Brooks

Cry, cry Mr. Brooks.
Cry venerable Mr. Brooks.
Meet me in the sky;
Meet me in my world;
Touch me on my time.
Reach into my mind, my heart;
Love me on my terms.
Tempt your fate in the eye of a needle;
The tiniest moment moving me to forever;
Eternal light.
Gravitating to a better time;
A fixed and necessary time of love
To me and only me.
My jealousies and my wonder
My lub-dub wonder that you could take
So gently into your tumult, your time
Your space, your need, your everything ‘til
‘morrows morn’.
To understand, ‘does a song bird cry?’
Cry, cry Mr. Brooks.
Cry venerable Mr. Brooks.
Learn to direct your tears down
The back of your throat.
The salty endeavor of lost moments
To drain sensibilities and reason
To a dark and private place
Protected from peering eyes.
I’ve stretched every moment;
A tangible dream.
How could a moment cease to be
Other than a dream
Other than a ghost
Other than a mist enveloping my crown;
Temples pulsing to a throbbing headache.
Cry, cry Mr. Brooks.
Let rise the steam of your body.
Let rise the hopes of forever gone bad.
Cry for the loss of emotions
That keep us locked into
The realm of reason and sensibilities.
Dream of a better way,
A better day
Put to rest the temptations of Christ
To feel your humanity and
The dirt that soils us all.
Reach for forever so that
You can dream of the great escape.
The entire expanse of what
God really means.
Reach for Big Bang, supernova, light year speed.
Let that be your need, let that be your speed.
From me to you
From now until then.
Forever and ever,
Forever and ever,
And ever.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My face broke open
Spilling out its water
Like a toddler experiencing the terrible two’s
Grief stricken torrential lament
Exasperated I gasp
My sinus draining
My eyes should have wizened
With dehydration
What makes that piercing wail?
Screech in torment
I gasp and wait
My ears ringing at my own cries.

** Written a few years ago when I’d had just one too many loved ones die and life was just a bit too overwhelming and so instead of loosing it all together I wrote about.

Alone with Chardonnay

Tangy liquid on my lips
Sweet crazy tang
Sour on my tongue
Sour in my soul
Leaving me twitching with it’s bright taste
Languid lover ready
For another taste
Readying my mind for a more intimate moment
Burying my passionate tongue
Deep in midnights twisted corridor
Biting my skin with this crippling passion
Writing my love for a moment in time
Testimony of a wrenched heart
A heart of moments, softness
Of an eye resting on my shoulder
Tier, tier, tier
Escalating love to a teardrop
A moment poised for evaporation
Lapsing into a moment of forever never
Tear, tear, tear
Emoting through a moment of…

**another poem I wrote years ago that I found in the same box as the others written on a scrap of paper that I also thought I'd share.

Street Lamp

Seeing light stretched out
Through my eyes
The tears bending the light of
A street lamp
Rippling light six ripples long
I count them to bring reason back
To the flood.
Chevrons in reverse
Pointing skyward.
Light bent by my tears.
Please miss me sometimes
Liquid chevrons wriggling to
Get back to it’s source
Efforts to swim back up stream
Fighting against the current
To regain their fixed and functional point
To only light the street.

**written a few years ago, I ran across this poem written on a scrap of paper and I thought I’d share it. Obviously it’s about regret and loss of someone that, even though you might not be in their life anymore, you just hope that they miss you from time to time.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Forever In My Mind

A curse through a dream
from the lips of yesterday.
To enjoy the humiliation of it
or laugh it off
and simply act like I do.
"Your world is forever in your mind,”
to rewind and replay
like a little torture device
permanently connected at the hip
to rewind and replay
the anguish of the day.
You weren't my first and you weren't my last
but will be a person
forever in my past.
Like prepping a wall
you laid your primer,
a white wash,
subduing my pretenses,
my preconceived notions
covering over
all of my oceans.
A white wash to cover the mess
splattered there from year to year.
Like a great salt plain
you alter my perception.
To trust my eyes
to know how far it was
from here to there
was more than I could bear.
A year or two of stumbles and falls
three or four
why is there so much more?
Trapping me in my box
because my world will forever be in my mind.