Monday, December 5, 2011

Worthy of Blood

Deserving of the swoosh of blood
Through all veins
Prerequisite for life inching pulse and
Life’s rigorous grovel, pleas and beg
For what you’ve decided is yours.
Tripping the light fantastic
with 10,000 watt poses
under a 9 volt desire.
Flagrant flaw misused disgust
queer query queerest flop
Maggot twits poised for grandiose pose
a righteous “its mine dammit” snatch
for possession while falling from grace.
“Well at least I made it faggot
at least I’m here.”
Setting confidence one ton
On the point of a needle
Pinking inkling indifference
Defer emotion maggot
You wretched filthy damned
Grotesque skull splitting fortress
Base to pinnacle, oxygen deprived precipice.
Writhing, gagging and pleased at the distraction.
Maniacal monkey proclamation,
“What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too.”
Heaving breathless where in desperate thought
does doing create result.
Miraculous bounty pontification poisons my said
My foundation with canker and grime.

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