Sunday, December 3, 2017


Blessed are those who never seek sex.  Blessed are those,
Blessed, blessed and tortured.
The poor things need to know,  the result and purpose
Of everything is to be anything
Except neutered.
The very purpose of nerves
Is to sense.
The calcium-sodium channel
Adapted within the nerves of every being
As teased and toiled over by God
Send the ions tossing their charges
Back and forth.
Licking the membrane separating them enough
For energy to flow.
Zippers clicking along audibly
The ear maladaptive to hear.
Curtains never close enough
However for the eye, which
Grows as big as the unbound mind allows.
A limitless mind has provided today
As a flourishing option to be unguided.
Allow each and every river and stream to it, to run boundlessly
And your gulfs will widen first
Slap your thighs and scream enough
And eventually it will be so easy to do
That it will be hard to stop.
Don’t add your tears.
Don’t give up your precious salt.
The oceans don’t care.
Sit and smell, feel and absorb the enormity of the ocean
Hear it, for three hours a day, daily for 6 months.
But remember to not lick your lips
Because the salt buffeted and crystallizes on your skin
Will taste like every lover you never had.
Blessed, blessed, and tortured.

Monday, November 27, 2017


Destiny in the eye of the mid-minded mighty
Breaks down all option for those who
Are guided by the hand of God and the heart
Of Jesus.
Slowly, the minds of the slow grabbed the hands
Of each other and modulated their own
Cervix, groin and then a claw.
The noise of the attenuated crave
Their own attention and dine on their own skin
With the fingertips of each attenuated reaching maximum
Loss at the moment they began to want their
Own noise.
Tattling seemed the only option.
The more tattling happened, the more they realized they
Enjoyed being buttered up
The ten years of eight hours a day
Rehearsal she unloaded on the buttered with
High viscosity butter, slipperier that silicon lube
The grotesque eyeball of the attenuated decided
Their noise was the only noise necessary with
Promises unloaded.
The vice kept dripping blood.
God blessed us with vice and crime to advise our ears
And the twine between them to understand
Your eyes were not there.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Corner to corner

The warm Illinois night had glittered the night before
The lightning bugs were turn on and off and finding mates
The twinkle was best left to the notion of twinkle.
Why would you want to know it was a bug?
The gentle rustle of the long corn leaves
It wasn't noise but a kind of quiet that you had to experience
It wasn't quiet either.
The toast popped up.
The butter sat warm and was easy for spreading
Corner to corner.
Not a big gouge of butter but repeated touches
Enough to spread just far enough
Too much butter would press into the toast
Enough would spread just a ways
That was the point.
Corner to corner

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

If undisturbed the ridges might cut

Flutter by chick-a-dee flutter by, you have become a nuisance.  My repetitive grogery of forced aptitude spoke of crushing tides of morbidity for dined upon chick-a-dee's and french fried honey corn.  The fright of it is that it was just in front of your eyes.  Your mounting tension as I rose to hysteria seems goofy, for all of the rife life of feeding and fucking and multiple drops of worth that every artist told me for decades to simply not be, because you are too confused to be worth any effort, but try.  Every effort, thwarting the effort was ordered to not occur.  Allow the yeast to activate.  The gassing and headbanging of each part, which each artist, one another said no thank you to for two full decades and fully unabated finished me off with me finishing me off.  I sliced at every baby handed to me by the biggest problem who was too eager to get to where she went, poorly understanding no. A problem for me is normal dawn, crashing and breaking dawn and decades of hated that they advised, when I lightened up would be the point of always too late.  I was speeding through the nothing of always just don't, don't point the toe in that direction unless you expect it.  We unforked the multiple tines of daily rushing residual yesterday coursing through your day the morning after.  Frightening.  The point of pointing a toe is the noticed toe, pointing is how I was forced to behave, until being misunderstood became the point of making me point a toe.  The sour note of the gorged upon needling, picking and pointing at nothing more than don't, because you won't like the results. If you don't I will not make the difference you said you needed, but then were too happy to have won one followed by dozens of zeros in the twenty first year anniversary of divorce from alternative.  Knowing me for the ear you told me not to lean on, disturbed decisions you felt once encrusted with the notion of contemporaneous selfishness.  My disturbance, not yours.  For the point of the people and not the privilege of being privileged.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Brat sputtered down the road
The fruit was being "chilled" by being in the trunk
It was ten below.
Not a single consideration of what one would need
What would one of those need
I don't really know to the point I should grasp
what one of those does.
I did not meet one ever
If you didn't, you can't
That's both my point and that does not matter.
I cannot begin to consider what your experience
in your clandestine supposition could be with my
concordance with the saturation of queer-ducks
I ran from strangers like one of the stray cats until sitting in the cold
was my rats instinct. Chewing on the pipes and fraying the cords in search of
nesting material.  Rhyme or reason
Scant. Why. Voice over voice makes the situation determined
We will not remember it that way.

Had you cared about me you would have come to me to tell me you were hurting.  The most insufferable expression of how am I suppose to empathize unless you are pathetic enough to make me feel empathy.
Nice, nice advice always takes me into consideration, aren't you me too?
Wondering no longer makes sense.
Within four minutes you can find and read the answer to your question.
If you have pondered, stop it.
Within four minutes you can have searched out your wildest fantasy and inseminated your keyboard.
Have you even had someone just put it in when you weren't even waiting, asking or expecting it.  I told him that was frank.
He said it hurt really bad.  I told him that was being earnest.

You should have thought about that ahead of time when a life time worth of people told you they did not want to know you.

I did not think that I should put it under considering, the life time of people weren't located anywhere I ever intended to be.  They were doing things I did not think I would do.  I did not fear the things they feared or expected the things they anticipated.  Like the man said, have you ever stopped to consider, Chad, if you actually have any say in anything you have ever done or experienced in your life?

I pulled up and got out.  I would send someone out to get the stuff outta the car.
Getting out of low cars is hard.


I have been told by numerous Congress
"We would rather you be a terrorist..."
Kill me often enough and I will have died many deaths.
Kiss me and you'll be assured to forget.
The grosses amount was just a knuckle over 20 G's
Beans and beans and beans and beans.
Beans and bean and you showed me 1,000, 5-minute, moments of
frustration, and said wander your way through it
we showed you a full twenty years of life and you did nothing
do nothing, we want nothing, we prefer nothing
the advice of life is once you have been told you are dead in
one followed by twenty-seven zeros, one octillion infant death
poisoned, drowned, eaten, shot, stabbed, dropped, thrown, and sliced.
The coin of the land of the damning of the boy that agreed
that damned, sojourner.
With a total flat, wow, the annunciation of wow could have never been without
less tenor and lack of spring to not bounce
gravity held the word and they all held hands and prayed.
Not a bit of friction
a notion of residual
of minor key of cue-
They then noticed with so much more than side-ways glance, they had not gathered within their own minds
a single utterance near the gravy of a prayer.
spoiled with the reasons of so many that the bending of ears
made us want our canyons back, that provided the value of our own whispers which pay attention to us.

Friday, September 8, 2017

T, H, and E

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, The Whole Alphabet yes indeed.  Let's remember G was where we left off. H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, and P. Not now, But we all know P'ing is the best.  Q, R, and S, T, U, V, W, R, Shite, W, um...W, ...Just a minute.  No, way, no.  L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.  Only numeric nuance deliberate.  L told A who knew also because B, C, and D heard from P.  P had known since F, but with difference from what E knew factually from the marvelous exaggerations of C and D, said P.  F really had never been all that clear however T, U, V, E, F, and G were verified witness to X, Y, and Z.  T, U, V, E, F, and G then felt little necessity to consider that there would be only 6 of 26. Considering they figured with at least some of them they mostly could.