Wednesday, November 22, 2017

If undisturbed the ridges might cut

Flutter by chick-a-dee flutter by, you have become a nuisance.  My repetitive grogery of forced aptitude spoke of crushing tides of morbidity for dined upon chick-a-dee's and french fried honey corn.  The fright of it is that it was just in front of your eyes.  Your mounting tension as I rose to hysteria seems goofy, for all of the rife life of feeding and fucking and multiple drops of worth that every artist told me for decades to simply not be, because you are too confused to be worth any effort, but try.  Every effort, thwarting the effort was ordered to not occur.  Allow the yeast to activate.  The gassing and headbanging of each part, which each artist, one another said no thank you to for two full decades and fully unabated finished me off with me finishing me off.  I sliced at every baby handed to me by the biggest problem who was too eager to get to where she went, poorly understanding no. A problem for me is normal dawn, crashing and breaking dawn and decades of hated that they advised, when I lightened up would be the point of always too late.  I was speeding through the nothing of always just don't, don't point the toe in that direction unless you expect it.  We unforked the multiple tines of daily rushing residual yesterday coursing through your day the morning after.  Frightening.  The point of pointing a toe is the noticed toe, pointing is how I was forced to behave, until being misunderstood became the point of making me point a toe.  The sour note of the gorged upon needling, picking and pointing at nothing more than don't, because you won't like the results. If you don't I will not make the difference you said you needed, but then were too happy to have won one followed by dozens of zeros in the twenty first year anniversary of divorce from alternative.  Knowing me for the ear you told me not to lean on, disturbed decisions you felt once encrusted with the notion of contemporaneous selfishness.  My disturbance, not yours.  For the point of the people and not the privilege of being privileged.

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