Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Brat sputtered down the road
The fruit was being "chilled" by being in the trunk
It was ten below.
Not a single consideration of what one would need
What would one of those need
I don't really know to the point I should grasp
what one of those does.
I did not meet one ever
If you didn't, you can't
That's both my point and that does not matter.
I cannot begin to consider what your experience
in your clandestine supposition could be with my
concordance with the saturation of queer-ducks
I ran from strangers like one of the stray cats until sitting in the cold
was my rats instinct. Chewing on the pipes and fraying the cords in search of
nesting material.  Rhyme or reason
Scant. Why. Voice over voice makes the situation determined
We will not remember it that way.

Had you cared about me you would have come to me to tell me you were hurting.  The most insufferable expression of how am I suppose to empathize unless you are pathetic enough to make me feel empathy.
Nice, nice advice always takes me into consideration, aren't you me too?
Wondering no longer makes sense.
Within four minutes you can find and read the answer to your question.
If you have pondered, stop it.
Within four minutes you can have searched out your wildest fantasy and inseminated your keyboard.
Have you even had someone just put it in when you weren't even waiting, asking or expecting it.  I told him that was frank.
He said it hurt really bad.  I told him that was being earnest.

You should have thought about that ahead of time when a life time worth of people told you they did not want to know you.

I did not think that I should put it under considering, the life time of people weren't located anywhere I ever intended to be.  They were doing things I did not think I would do.  I did not fear the things they feared or expected the things they anticipated.  Like the man said, have you ever stopped to consider, Chad, if you actually have any say in anything you have ever done or experienced in your life?

I pulled up and got out.  I would send someone out to get the stuff outta the car.
Getting out of low cars is hard.

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