Thursday, November 16, 2017


I have been told by numerous Congress
"We would rather you be a terrorist..."
Kill me often enough and I will have died many deaths.
Kiss me and you'll be assured to forget.
The grosses amount was just a knuckle over 20 G's
Beans and beans and beans and beans.
Beans and bean and you showed me 1,000, 5-minute, moments of
frustration, and said wander your way through it
we showed you a full twenty years of life and you did nothing
do nothing, we want nothing, we prefer nothing
the advice of life is once you have been told you are dead in
one followed by twenty-seven zeros, one octillion infant death
poisoned, drowned, eaten, shot, stabbed, dropped, thrown, and sliced.
The coin of the land of the damning of the boy that agreed
that damned, sojourner.
With a total flat, wow, the annunciation of wow could have never been without
less tenor and lack of spring to not bounce
gravity held the word and they all held hands and prayed.
Not a bit of friction
a notion of residual
of minor key of cue-
They then noticed with so much more than side-ways glance, they had not gathered within their own minds
a single utterance near the gravy of a prayer.
spoiled with the reasons of so many that the bending of ears
made us want our canyons back, that provided the value of our own whispers which pay attention to us.

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