Monday, November 27, 2017


Destiny in the eye of the mid-minded mighty
Breaks down all option for those who
Are guided by the hand of God and the heart
Of Jesus.
Slowly, the minds of the slow grabbed the hands
Of each other and modulated their own
Cervix, groin and then a claw.
The noise of the attenuated crave
Their own attention and dine on their own skin
With the fingertips of each attenuated reaching maximum
Loss at the moment they began to want their
Own noise.
Tattling seemed the only option.
The more tattling happened, the more they realized they
Enjoyed being buttered up
The ten years of eight hours a day
Rehearsal she unloaded on the buttered with
High viscosity butter, slipperier that silicon lube
The grotesque eyeball of the attenuated decided
Their noise was the only noise necessary with
Promises unloaded.
The vice kept dripping blood.
God allowed us vice and crime to advise our ears
And the twine between them to understand
Your eyes were not there.

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