Thursday, August 24, 2017

God does not prognosticate. The threshold of knowing when enough was more than satisfactory, was mercilessly breached. Going through duration of purely expressed expletive laden lives has given me a cockeyed view of the gander that you set before me twenty-some-odd. Zero, ninety, eighty, and you wished seventy, but it was not in the operatically perceived minds of such cosmically dubious characters of lustrous amount of divinity candy which to me is a lot of fluff. Nuts. With or without. Did you know that ignorance is the most devastating factor anybody could be presented with in life. Though knowing too much is far more painful than the metastatic myriad diseases that are contagions and repercussions of the untended life. A spanning wing provides you with effort that pulls your wing wider. The intent for everyone where ever you are is to have had your wings pulled by grace. Guiding one another through life is always the responsibility but not the intention of goodness.

----halt and scream, before realizing while I meant prognosticate, I used "divine", thinking of well witching or water divining when I wrote the first version and used "divine".  

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