Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Build My Temptations

Build my temptation breath in my ear
undress me slowly first taking off my
mediocrity then my vulnerability.
Expose me to the world. Show off
my bare sin. Bite my nipples to arouse
my superficiality. Bare my insanity.
Unzip my jealousy and let it drop to
my ankles. You pull off my medications,
the elastic hanging on my heal. A muted
thwuff sounds as it releases. Lay me
in a bed of complacency and kiss
my abdomen. Lower now lower,
smell my toil and disregard. Taste my
tepid emotions. Taste the hollow dignity
leaving your mouth musty. You pick up
all my short comings and pile them next to
my shoes that have been tossed to the floor
between the bed and the wall. Love me
again. I won’t redress. I’ll stay bare;
exposed. Painfully open because I know
you like my pain. I’ll allow your sadism
to be able to live through a less lonely
moment. You attend me well returning
to the bed. Undoubtedly being just
another one to you. You go through
the paces of what you love to do.
This sticky situation is leaving a heavy
humidity in the air of the confines.
This act is refined. In the morning you
will be gone. For you it will be just
another night. For me another nightmare
that leaves me dreamy, that leaves me
dreamy in the morning.

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