Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I miss Dale
Whether heaven or hell
I cannot tell.
It’s up to God and not me
that places me on my knees
with pleas
to open His gates of heaven.
Tangible, touchable, finger tipped moments
to hold my thought
through and through.
Pleased by pleasing you
you've left me with regrets all my own.
To own up to the lessening of my humanity—it’s insanity.
For fleeting time is no panacea, no painkiller, no remedy.
Angry and scared I’m far less than prepared
to delve into the harried tendrils of my fragmented life.
Such turmoil such strife
such is life.
Assuredly not numb just too dumb to express my gratitude and 
too weak to miss you completely.
My spirit will not allow it.
My heart cannot take it.
I sit in this empty house 
listening to the sounds it makes
thinking you should be home
anytime, anytime, anytime.
By and by another day will arrive
bringing with it only time.
A memory of your sexual sensitivities,
your turn on's and things that made you laugh.
I’ll remember you because I want to, I need to, to have you near.
To peer into the quiet night
to be forced into another moment
all alone.

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