Tuesday, February 24, 2009

one more drip

Jealously, I watch the drips fall
Rolling away down the sink
To undeniably, uncertain futures
To experience destination
After destination
After destination

Anticipation for departure builds
The intrinsic turgor pressure
Indeed, a momentous occasion
To be leaping off
To be soaring though air

The pull, the stretch,
And finally the snap
Sending reverberations
Coursing through the parted
Painful like a pinch
But as desired as a long awaited kiss

You stabilize
Prepared for the journey
The descending ascent
To greet the likely
To shake the hand of Time
And impatiently say
“Where have you been?
I’ve been waiting!”

Meanwhile, those you left behind
Prepare to do what they do
What they have done
What they will always do
They produce.
And without thinking,
What will my actions produce?
What have I done?
Are there consequences?

Individually, each of us are a consequence

With or without consent, encouragement, or praise
I graciously bow my head
To give thanks as a consequence
To a consequence

A drip among drips.

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