Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In my inner ear there is a tickle

In my inner ear there is a tickle
developing, enveloping my mind
because a rancid thought will whittle
the much maligned.
I shake like a dog
to rid myself of the rank.
Nasty wig biting at my demeanor.
I’m fighting for a clearer
state of mind.
A focal transition to
the lack of equilibrium.
My first mission
providing a moments freedom
from the tickle in my inner ear.
Stemming from my mind
my heart is growing weak.
A growing colder place,
molding with time.
I pray for a peek
from the sun.
Stemming from my mind
feelings causative of angina.
Fear of being left behind
sprouts another tickle in my inner ear.
A whisper not so quiet.
Only if it were asking stale things like
“Why are we here?”

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