Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dearest Lie

Lie still while I tell you a lie. Quiet now! I am about to start to lie. Before the rugged and noble Prince lay a journey, a quest of great potential, the beginning of salvation.
There lay at the end of a lane a river of gold. Every pebble of the lane had been lain by a liar. Carefully, the Prince studied each and every lie lain down on the lane while lying on his stomach. A path to gold that no one would admit they told. Paved with cunning deceptions to tickle the edge of your brain and extend the limits of your mind.
A funny, a farce, a sham, a scam, a scheme, a tale so twisted that its knots were knotted. So cut it off, sever the problem.
Let dead dogs lie.
But lie that you did that too because after all a lie is a lie. Now lie down and hope to dream honest thoughts about the lies you lay in the lane on your journey to salvation.

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