Tuesday, February 24, 2009

First and then but after that

First and then but after that
but wait that’s not right
and then and then and then
between here and now and there and then
there was once a then
who’s now was previous
and their there’s were not mine and my mind was wincing at the wonder of it all.

There, there dry your tears because that was then and this is now.
Now then!
Back to what really matters, but then again, oh anyway.
Because their then
that was then was there
then and right then
I was there at the very moment
our simultaneous now’s back then were several then’s between.
However, there are other opinions.
You see, now that it’s known that I was there then and that their there had a difference based on similarities and a convergence between then and now.
(Don’t blink. You might miss something.)
You see, let me reiterate. Then plus Now equals Now because Then was Now and Now was Now or is Now and Then will be too or is too.
And more or less vice versa. If Then was Now then the “Then Now” would be Now and then their Then would be THEN from Now but their “Then Now” would be Now for them, then.
Got it?

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